Winter transfer season, though not paying much attention, but not so that it lacks the heat because the big clubs still want to take advantage of their squad.

Although Neymar, Kylian Mbappe… are just the top stars rumored to leave, that is unlikely to happen even in this winter transfer. Instead, there are other names that are equally hot.

Timo Werner

RB Leipzig is leading the Bundesliga with the impressive form of striker Timo Werner. With 18 goals already, the German striker only lost to Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski. Werner’s impressive form, many big clubs in Europe such as Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Chelsea are looking to rob Leipzig’s people. Certainly, he will be the object that makes the media spend a lot of ink in the near future.

Erling Haaland

Although not playing for any famous club, Erling Haaland is creating a big buzz after impressive performances in the Champions League when he has netted against Liverpool or Napoli and can almost turn Liverpool into former champions as well as brands. terrible goals in the Austrian league in RB Salzburg. It is obvious that this under-20-year-old left RB Salzburg, but his destination so far is still questioned by Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Man United want Haaland.

Christian Eriksen

The future of the Danish star has not been able to continue with Tottenham and this team leader is also ready to sell him (so as not to lose) in this winter transfer period to any team in England. This is considered a trigger for United – the team is thought to be buying Christian Eriksen to replace Paul Pogba is about to leave. Or it is not excluded that Eriksen will move to play for Arsenal or Real Madrid.

Paul Pogba

The story surrounding Paul Pogba’s name up to now is still a hot topic that is heavily exploited by the press. After much pressure was given to Man United to leave, the French star now seems to change his mind because Real Madrid are considering buying him. However, it is still possible that this is the trick of the insiders. And whether Pogba will stay, it is unlikely that United can forgive him after the recent troubles. Once Man United sells Pogba, Real Madrid or Juventus will jump in.

Jadon Sancho

Only 19 years old, but Jadon Sancho is making many big teams crave for him despite the price that Dortmund offers no less than 100 million euros. Man United, Chelsea or Liverpool with strong financial resources can create a blockbuster right in the winter transfer window. With Sancho, if you play for Man United or Liverpool, there will be more opportunities for you to shine.