Coming to Europe in the winter, an experience you never want to miss is to bring ice skating shoes and skating on the most unique and magnificent ice rink in your way.

In winter, the whole of Europe is bright, the cities are decorated with shimmering lights and bright shops. Not only that, the snow-capped mountains are a great opportunity for winter sports activities. experience here will not disappoint you.

Europe is considered the land of ice and snow, the winter paradise of the world. It has fascinating and unique activities that everyone wants to experience once. If you are a sports enthusiast, ice skating is an interesting sport that should not be missed.

Located in great locations across Europe, these skating rinks attract people to skate in dazzling spaces with delicious food stalls, Christmas gift shops and entertainment Other attractions. The ice rink is located in the city center, so it’s easy when you travel by train, it will be a great opportunity for you to have a memorable winter experience while walking in Europe.

Vienna Ice Dream, Austria

Vienna Ice Dream is a winter event held every year in the city of Vienna, Austria. In winter, the front of the town hall becomes a huge ice rink. ou can show off your skating skills to your heart’s content.

Not less than 8,000 m² of ice rink allows you to fly in the ice rink shimmering in the winter. Wiener Eistraum (Vienna Ice Dream) is surrounded by stalls selling hot drinks and traditional Austrian food for visitors.

GUM ice rink, Moscow, Russia

It is located in the heart of Red Square, right in front of GUM shopping center. This 2,700 m² ice rink allows you to slide close to the walls of the Kremlin and St. Peter’s Church. Famous Basil. GUM skating rink is Moscow’s most famous and impressive outdoor skating rink.