Many people still have doubts about having to exercise outdoors in the cold winter. Let’s explore the miraculous benefits that morning exercise in the winter.

Lose weight faster

During the winter, the outdoor temperature is often much lower than the body’s normal body temperature (37°C). So when exercising outdoors, you tend to be more active to regulate your body temperature. This will consume more calories, helping you lose fat faster.

Increase vitamin D, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

People who are physically active, such as running, playing basketball or soccer for three or more hours a week, reduce the risk of a heart attack. In addition to lowering cholesterol in the blood, outdoor physical activity has been highly appreciated as an integral part of the process of improving cardiovascular health.

Adapt well to the winter

Cold weather will make you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable when you start practicing outdoors. But that feeling will only last for the first 2-3 days. As you get used to the harsh conditions of the winter, the stamina is greatly increased. Once you have adapted to the cold weather you will reduce the risk of some diseases in the cold season.

Increase exercise performance

A 2011 survey showed that outdoor spaces can enhance exercise performance. And most importantly, the psychological impact of participants on the intention to continue to exercise the next day, makes them no longer feel ashamed and mechanical as when going to the gym. Besides, your speed also tends to vary for calories burned and endurance in different terrain types.

Good for the brain

The regular exercise, especially in the winter will help people reduce depression, enhance memory, concentration and the ability to acquire new knowledge. In addition, exercise slows down the brain’s regeneration process, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (dementia in the elderly).

Help your skin beauty

Exercise in the bloodstream helps improve blood circulation, provide oxygen and nutrients needed to nourish the skin. In addition, it also works to heal open wounds quickly, limiting the condition of dry, flaky skin.