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Why do so many people like winter sports?

Exercise is necessary to keep the body healthy. However, not everyone is motivated enough to be able to exercise outdoors in the cold winter.

Let’s find out if many people still persist in the morning exercise in the winter for any special reason?

Helps to lose weight

During the winter, the outdoor temperature is often much lower than the body’s normal body temperature. So when exercising outdoors, you tend to be more active to regulate your body temperature. This will consume more calories, helping you lose fat faster.

Increase vitamin D

People who are physically active, such as running, playing basketball or soccer for three or more hours a week, reduce the risk of a heart attack. Combined with lowering cholesterol in the blood, outdoor physical activity has been highly appreciated as an integral part of the process of improving cardiovascular health.

Help adapt better

Cold weather will make you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable when you start practicing outdoors. But that feeling will only last for the first 2-3 days.

Help you be happier

Outdoor training will make you feel better and endure better than exercise in the gym. Besides, outdoor exercise helps you feel more alive, happy, enthusiastic and makes many diseases such as depression, stress and fatigue no more.

Increase exercise performance

Outdoor space has the ability to enhance exercise performance. And the most important thing is to influence the participants’ psychology about the intention to continue participating in the exercise the next day, making them no longer feel ashamed and mechanical as when going to the gym.

Good for the brain

The regular exercise, especially in the winter will help people reduce depression, enhance memory, concentration and the ability to acquire new knowledge. In addition, exercise slows down the brain’s regeneration process, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (dementia in the elderly).

Old age will come more slowly

Many studies show that taking part in a sport regularly helps to increase human life expectancy. Recently, medical experts have also demonstrated that motoring slows down the aging of cells. Thus, hard work in the winter not only helps you live longer but also always healthy young.

Skin beauty

Winter physical activity improves circulation, provides oxygen and nutrients needed to nourish the skin. In addition, it also works to heal open wounds quickly, limiting the condition of dry, flaky skin.

Ledecka shocked the ski history

In the race to rank the Super-G women’s downhill skiing speed, 22-year-old athlete Ledecka finished first with a record of 1 minute 21.11 seconds, faster than the defending champion Anna Veith (Austria) was 0.01 seconds, Liechtenstein Tina Weirather won the bronze medal.

At the destination, Ledecka was almost motionless, his mouth gasping for exhaustion. The 26-year-old female athlete seemed to know that she had just finished the race and did not care about winning or losing. Simply because in her career, her best performance in the above content has never been higher than 27. In addition, Ledecka has just played on skateboards borrowed from American athlete Mikaela Shiffrin.

After a while, Ledecka learned that he had just made the best performance, than Mr. Jan Klapac (won the bronze medal at the 1964 Olympic Innsbruck and the silver medal at Grenoble 1968). The result of the Czech girl’s work was so beyond her imagination, that Ledecka kept wearing goggles during the press conference with very women: “I am not prepared to be present at the press conference for the winner, so I have no makeup”.

With this achievement, Ledecka not only robs Veith of the opportunity to protect the title in an instant but also pushes ski queen Lindsey Vonn to 6th place. The American star paid dearly for the serious mistake that made her It takes too long at the end of the race. Vonn said of Ledecka’s victory. “It was really shocking. She once defeated me while training in Lake Louise, that was unexpected. I feel like a lot of things can happen at the Olympics, not that she doesn’t deserve victory, but bright candidates who are always under a lot of pressure”.

Vonn’s confession is not wrong. Like her teammate Mikaela Shiffrin had just won the giant slalom gold medal, but the next day came in 4th place in the slalom content. After Shiffrin’s disappointing record on February 16, all hope was on Vonn when the once-lover of former world No. 1 player Tiger Woods had a promising start in Pyeongchang 2018.

Vonn has started very well 2/3 of the route with a speed of up to 100km/h and leaps flying over 30m. However, due to the speed up, the beautiful American ski queen did not control the direction of the flight, so the standard landing on the third jump made her deviate from her lane near the destination.

Winter sports that you can play in London

Do you want to brush up on your skating and skiing without leaving the city? From casual days to private lessons with experts, we’ve covered you.


London now offers a number of different skating options in some pretty spectacular locations. For those looking for a slice of history with their skates, the Tower of London, the Hampton Court, the Somerset Building and the Natural History Museum, all have an ice rink, with plenty of eateries and bars nearby to enjoy wine every year. For something a little more modern, the Ice Rink Canary Wharf offers an option under its glass roof protection, meaning you can enjoy whatever the weather is.

Skiing & snowboarding

Chel-Ski offers skiers and skiers the opportunity to hone their skills on their slopes. This indoor ski center has basically large treadmill, in which speed and slope can be adjusted according to the expertise of those on the slope at the time. For a full slope that’s in London, the Sandown Ski Center in Esher has an all-weather slope where you can ski by chance or sign up for lessons.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey fans can head to Lee Valley Ice Center, home to London Raiders and Eastern Stars, while the beautiful Alexandra Palace hosts Haringey Huskies, and Streatham Redhawks represent South London. Most teams play on different levels of the England National Hockey League with tickets available for their belongings. Those who want to participate in the best play should go to the English Hockey Association to find their local club.

Speed ​​skating

OK, so it is not quite in London, but the Aldwych Speed ​​Club provides everyone from beginners to giving professionals the opportunity to improve their skills and exercise on the post. sing long and short of them. While not specific to speed skating, the Lee Valley Ice Center (mentioned above) offers skating lessons, from toddler classes to private sessions.


The simple answer is that anywhere with a hill once the snow has decided to fall enough to go outside and enjoy it, rather than the usual London brown mud. There are several parks and commons with wonderful hills that suddenly become ski slopes once covered in snow. Greenwich Park, Primrose Hill, Streatham Common, Brockwell Park, and Hampstead Heath are probably the group’s options.

How to play tennis in the winter more effectively

The last days of the year are gradually approaching, also when the North is about to become cold. Still know that the harshness of the weather will not be enough to make the tennis players’ training spirit go to the training ground every day.

How to play sports that are both effective and not infected is not easy. Today’s article will show you a few tips to help play tennis in the winter but still good for your health.

Pay attention to clothing issues

The days of cool weather will make playing sports easier, but in the winter the body is very susceptible to cold so thin clothes like summer are no longer suitable. There are many people who choose thick sports suits to play on cold days.

However, the process of practicing or playing tennis makes the body heat up quickly, if wearing too thick will not be good for health. So, wear many thin clothes so that when you feel hot, remove each layer of clothing gradually until you feel really comfortable. It can both prevent the body from becoming cold, while also helping to sweat.

Use gloves when playing tennis

The freezing hand will lead to harder grip, looser, even lead to slipping when playing, so to be able to improve this situation, wearing gloves is the only option for those tennis players in the winter.

The cold weather will affect the first and strongest hands in the body parts, so when playing tennis in the winter you need to wear gloves with high grip, the thinner the better. It helps the grip of the racket become stronger without getting cold.

Help your muscles dilate to avoid injury

In the winter, the body’s muscles tighten to prevent heat loss. Therefore, to avoid injury, before you enter the field, you need to have muscle pulling movements, helping the muscle groups on the body to expand and soften. That is also a decisive factor to whether you are injured when playing and practicing.

Effective shots when it’s cold

When the weather is cool, you can play longer, better endurance, but the cold weather not only affects the flexibility of the body, playing efficiency but also makes the ball bounce much less than usual.

Therefore, find yourself a suitable way to take advantage of these characteristics of the ball such as dropping, cutting the ball, serving straight or swirling are the balls with the ability to score high on the cold days. Typically, small shots, cuts or serves of straight, horizontal swings will be very effective on cold days.

On the winter days, the bounce of the ball is not as effective as the normal day, and the reflexes of the players are also less so please take advantage of it to bring the advantage of the game on your side. When making straight and swirling serves, it will be more effective when the opponent has to constantly hit the ball low. This will help you get a perfect score if the opponent is someone who does not have a lot of movement techniques so they will usually hit the ball into the net or out…

Above is our little share on how to play effectively on cold days. I hope to have provided you with useful information!

6 winter activities everyone should try once in Austria (Part 2)

4. Walking around the town in the mountains

Sankt Johann in Tirol, a mountain village is a great idea if you want to walk and admire the peaceful beauty of mountain life. This mountain village is quite large with lots of shops and a few bars. You can spend an afternoon in the schedule to stroll around town or more interesting, try wandering alone among the white snowfields to feel how vast, vast and majestic the world is.

5. Tasting native dishes

Traditional Austrian cuisine is relatively rich, most notably butter, meat and stuffing. This type of food is very suitable for those who are active outdoors and need to burn a lot of calories. And with the winter activities that require a lot of energy such as hiking, skiing,… you will need to fill your stomach with these energy-rich dishes. One of the unique traditional delicacies you can try is the Austrian pancake. Order this dessert after the end of your main meal.

6. Join the wine tasting session

Enjoy food and drink is a typical Austrian travel experience. In particular, if you participate in winter activities or sports, enjoying a little wine to warm people is certainly an indispensable part. A typical drink that is often enjoyed on occasions like this is Schnapps. Even if you just like to drink juice, once you have arrived in Austria, sipping a few sips of alcohol is inevitable. It also contains 40% alcohol like all other traditional wines, but Schnapps assures the locals that it is easy to drink and has many flavors to try.

Whether you come to Austria in summer or winter, the country with poetic scenery nestled in this majestic nature also always contains a lot of things to discover and experience. The advice is to make the most of your stay here to experience as much as possible of what activities.

6 winter activities everyone should try once in Austria (PART 1)

When planning to play in Austria, you will probably think of specialty winter activities here such as skiing or skateboarding, right?

It is true that there are plenty of breathtaking snowy slopes and comfortable ski resorts, but that’s not all you can do in Austria. To tell you, there are many other extremely interesting activities to enjoy in this country of The Sound of Music.

1. Walking in the mountains and in the snow

In the summer, Austria is the ideal place for hiking or mountain walking. This activity is so popular that every summer there are many tourists flocking to the walking paths in this beautiful country. Some of the best hiking hints can be mentioned such as the Krimmler Ache walking path – the highest waterfall in Austria with a height of 380 meters, or the Grossglockner Alps – the path on the Alpes that leads you to the peak of the mountain most Austria with a spacious and breathtaking vision.

Of course, not all roads in Austria are cleared of snow in the winter, but taking long walks in town and walking around small villages is a very “poetic” winter experience that you don’t have. should miss coming here.

2. Ski on the hill

Going to Austria, if you have never tried skiing in your life, it will probably be a mistake that you will regret later. Skiing can be said to be a typical activity when you come to Austria in the winter holidays. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about skiing. The gentle hillsides are not too difficult to make a perfect slide on skis or ski sticks. However, you should note that the weight of the board and sticks is not light at all. But in the end, it will still be a fun and memorable experience for the second time in my life.

3. Take a horse-drawn carriage in Sankt Johann

More relaxing than walking, try experiencing the scenery on a horse-drawn carriage. This traditional transport will take you back to the life of ancient European tranquility. Nestled in warm blankets and admiring.

Why can skiers fly so far and so high and still unharmed?

The science explains why these skiers can land on hard snow safely from a height equivalent to a building unharmed.

Ski Jumping (or downhill skiing) is a sport not for the faint-hearted. By just watching the athlete compete, many of you will be stunned.

The course of competition for this sport is dangerous: the athlete starts by sliding extremely fast down the long slope. After that, they slid up a gentle slope, then took the momentum of throwing themselves into the air and did not forget to make a series of kicks. In the end, they landed on both skis, continuing their short distance before stopping easily!

But you wonder why this athlete landed normally without any injury? Professor Greg Gbur from the University of North Carolina explained: “In fact, the athlete doesn’t jump up and down vertically. If you think about jumping, as well as throwing anything into space, they will all fall in parabolic orbit”.

It is important that when landing, athletes must control skis along the slope to move into parabolic paths. This is also not easy because the body is also affected by vertical gravity. Suppose if an athlete were to fall straight from the top, the hard snow would stop all movement immediately.

Such a sudden deceleration will cause an uneven effect on the body and break it into pieces. However, this will not happen as long as the skater slides slowly down the designated slope. This gradually decreases the speed, limiting the impact on the body of the athlete until they can stop.

Because of the high danger, Ski Jumping at the Olympics is for men only. After nearly 90 years, women have only competed since the 2014 Olympic Games. Currently, the highest record holder is Stefan Kraft – an Austrian male athlete. He has recorded achievements “fly” as far as 253.5 meters in 2017.

Experience ice skating in the winter in Korea

Winter in Korea has a lot of amazing activities and opportunities for visitors to enjoy only this season, which is skating and skiing!

Skating and skiing are the most affordable winter recreational activities that can be easily enjoyed and enjoyed by all ages. The cold of winter will not be a problem when visitors plunge from the top of the snow hill or slide the gentle steps on the ice. Therefore, dispel the cold air and take a walk around the ski yard or skating area to have memorable memories of the winter in this land of Kim Chi!

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink

Brimming with lively atmosphere and surrounded by tall buildings from all sides, Seoul Plaza Skating Rink offers guests the opportunity to experience the feeling of skating right in the city. The ice rink opens at 10 am, after an hour of skating, the surface of the ice rink is sprayed again within 30 minutes. Admission tickets are sold at the ticket counter, so be at the borrowed counter to borrow free skating equipment including skates, helmets and knee pads. The Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink is not only an affordable place but also one of the most convenient places in downtown Seoul, so that visitors can easily travel by public transport. plus come here. There are also a number of tourist attractions nearby, such as the Deoksugung Palace.

Lotte World Indoor Ice Skating Rink

This ice rink is located in the third basement of Lotte World – one of the major entertainment areas in Korea. There is a giant glass ceiling design that allows sunlight to shine through the ice rink to bring a fresh atmosphere in the skating rink. At night, the illuminated laser system makes the skating rink come alive than ever in the festive atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious dinner in nearby family restaurants or cafes while still enjoying the skating rink.

5 stars promise to warm up the winter transfer period

Winter transfer season, though not paying much attention, but not so that it lacks the heat because the big clubs still want to take advantage of their squad.

Although Neymar, Kylian Mbappe… are just the top stars rumored to leave, that is unlikely to happen even in this winter transfer. Instead, there are other names that are equally hot.

Timo Werner

RB Leipzig is leading the Bundesliga with the impressive form of striker Timo Werner. With 18 goals already, the German striker only lost to Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski. Werner’s impressive form, many big clubs in Europe such as Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Chelsea are looking to rob Leipzig’s people. Certainly, he will be the object that makes the media spend a lot of ink in the near future.

Erling Haaland

Although not playing for any famous club, Erling Haaland is creating a big buzz after impressive performances in the Champions League when he has netted against Liverpool or Napoli and can almost turn Liverpool into former champions as well as brands. terrible goals in the Austrian league in RB Salzburg. It is obvious that this under-20-year-old left RB Salzburg, but his destination so far is still questioned by Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Man United want Haaland.

Christian Eriksen

The future of the Danish star has not been able to continue with Tottenham and this team leader is also ready to sell him (so as not to lose) in this winter transfer period to any team in England. This is considered a trigger for United – the team is thought to be buying Christian Eriksen to replace Paul Pogba is about to leave. Or it is not excluded that Eriksen will move to play for Arsenal or Real Madrid.

Paul Pogba

The story surrounding Paul Pogba’s name up to now is still a hot topic that is heavily exploited by the press. After much pressure was given to Man United to leave, the French star now seems to change his mind because Real Madrid are considering buying him. However, it is still possible that this is the trick of the insiders. And whether Pogba will stay, it is unlikely that United can forgive him after the recent troubles. Once Man United sells Pogba, Real Madrid or Juventus will jump in.

Jadon Sancho

Only 19 years old, but Jadon Sancho is making many big teams crave for him despite the price that Dortmund offers no less than 100 million euros. Man United, Chelsea or Liverpool with strong financial resources can create a blockbuster right in the winter transfer window. With Sancho, if you play for Man United or Liverpool, there will be more opportunities for you to shine.

7 motivation to practice in the winter

Maintaining a workout routine is important in any kind of weather, especially in the winter. Do not let the weather subdue!

Each person has different motivations to persevere with the winter practice routine. However, in this article, we only point out the motivations that are most applicable.

Hopefully, you will find for yourself the similarities, keep the habit of practicing hard and regularly in the winter.

Choose winter sports

The best way to actively participate in physical exercise and sports in the winter is to choose the subjects that were multiplayer during that time.

Seasonal outfits are extremely important

When the weather changes, of course, the clothes also change to cope with the weather. Similarly, the costume for training must also have to change accordingly. Not only protecting the body, preventing colds, the professional costumes also inspire you to feel like professional athletes.

Bed early

If you sleep early, you should be able to get up early the next morning. At that time, you will also have more time to do some simple exercises to start the body, relieve tired fatigue, help the body to be more alert and start the day with lots of fun.

Inception is an important task

A fitness expert said warm-up was an important process before doing exercises. Cold weather tightens the muscles, so sudden vigorous exercise can lead to unwanted injuries. Start your body slowly to receive light exercise, then gradually increase to faster and heavier exercises.

Always remember your goals

Winter often makes people lazy from waking up in the morning to exercising. Setting specific training times is one way to get you out of that laziness.

You want to have a nice body, but you are too lazy to practice every morning, you want to lose weight thanks to jogging but during the winter you cannot run any step. You are ready to forget the goals set just to lie in the blanket for a few more minutes and a short time later feel regret for what you have done.

Try the indoor sports

If you are too afraid of outdoor sports, why not try some indoor sports? Admittedly, the days of heavy weather accompanied by fog, frost, and outdoor jogging are quite dangerous jobs because they can lead to many unworthy accidents. In such a situation, you can try running with the machine in the gym or taking erobic classes.

Never give up

If you miss a day’s workout or diet, try to keep it from happening again. Every effort must be based on both the process and success must undergo a long process of hard training. Accept the fact that you have not been able to fulfill your wishes but try to make up for it in the following days.