When planning what to play in Austria, you will probably think of the “specialty” winter sports here like skiing or skateboarding, right? It is true that there are many beautiful snowy slopes and comfortable ski resorts, but that is not all you can do in Austria. To tell you, there are many other extremely interesting activities to enjoy in this country.

1. Walking in the mountains and in the snow

In the summer, Austria is the ideal place for hiking or mountain walking. This activity is so popular that every summer there are many tourists flocking to the walking paths in this beautiful country.

Some of the best hiking hints can be mentioned such as the Krimmler Ache walking path – the highest waterfall in Austria with a height of 380 meters, or the Grossglockner Alps – the path on the Alpes that leads you to the peak of the mountain most Austria with a spacious and breathtaking vision.

Of course, not all roads in Austria are cleared of snow in the winter, but taking long walks in town and walking around small villages is a very “poetic” winter experience.

2. What to play in Austria – Skiing on the hill

Going to Austria, if you have never tried skiing in your life, it will probably be a mistake that you will regret later. Skiing can be said to be a typical activity when you come to Austria on winter holidays. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about skiing.

The gentle hillsides are not too difficult to make a perfect slide on skis or ski sticks. However, you should note that the weight of the board and sticks is not light at all. It may take a while to get used to it. But in the end, it will still be a happy and memorable experience for the second time in my life.