The best outdoor ice rinks in the Europe to enjoy ice skating (Part 1)

Coming to Europe in the winter, an experience you never want to miss is to bring ice skating shoes and skating on the most unique and magnificent ice rink in your way.

In winter, the whole of Europe is bright, the cities are decorated with shimmering lights and bright shops. Not only that, the snow-capped mountains are a great opportunity for winter sports activities. experience here will not disappoint you.

Europe is considered the land of ice and snow, the winter paradise of the world. It has fascinating and unique activities that everyone wants to experience once. If you are a sports enthusiast, ice skating is an interesting sport that should not be missed.

Located in great locations across Europe, these skating rinks attract people to skate in dazzling spaces with delicious food stalls, Christmas gift shops and entertainment Other attractions. The ice rink is located in the city center, so it’s easy when you travel by train, it will be a great opportunity for you to have a memorable winter experience while walking in Europe.

Vienna Ice Dream, Austria

Vienna Ice Dream is a winter event held every year in the city of Vienna, Austria. In winter, the front of the town hall becomes a huge ice rink. ou can show off your skating skills to your heart’s content.

Not less than 8,000 m² of ice rink allows you to fly in the ice rink shimmering in the winter. Wiener Eistraum (Vienna Ice Dream) is surrounded by stalls selling hot drinks and traditional Austrian food for visitors.

GUM ice rink, Moscow, Russia

It is located in the heart of Red Square, right in front of GUM shopping center. This 2,700 m² ice rink allows you to slide close to the walls of the Kremlin and St. Peter’s Church. Famous Basil. GUM skating rink is Moscow’s most famous and impressive outdoor skating rink.


3. Tasting native dishes

Traditional Austrian cuisine is relatively rich, most notably butter, meat, and stuffing. This type of food is very suitable for those who are active outdoors and need to burn a lot of calories.

The winter sports require a lot of energy such as skiing, hiking… Therefore, you will need to eat energy-rich dishes. One of the unique traditional delicacies you can try is the Austrian pancake. Order this dessert after the end of your main meal.

4. Walking around the town in the mountains

Sankt Johann in Tirol, a mountain village is a great idea if you want to walk and admire the peaceful beauty of mountain life. This mountain village is quite large with lots of shops and a few bars.

You can spend an afternoon in the schedule to stroll around town or more interesting, try wandering alone among the white snowfields to feel how vast, vast, and majestic the world is.

5. Take a horse-drawn carriage in Sankt Johann

More relaxing than walking, try experiencing the scenery on a horse-drawn carriage. This traditional transport will take you back to the life of ancient European tranquility. Nestled in warm blankets and admiring the white scenery surrounding, you are enjoying one of the best experiences in the world.

6. Join the wine tasting session

Enjoy food and drink is a typical tourist experience in Austria. Especially, if you participate in winter activities or sports, enjoying a little wine to warm people is certainly an indispensable part. A typical drink that is often enjoyed on occasions like this is Schnapps.

Even if you just like to drink juice, once you have arrived in Austria, sipping a few sips of alcohol is inevitable. It also contains 40% alcohol like all other traditional wines, but Schnapps is guaranteed by locals to be easy to drink and has lots of flavors to try. So you do not need to worry about this.

Whether you come to Austria in summer or winter, the country with poetic scenery nestled in this majestic nature also always contains a lot of things to discover and experience. The advice is to make the most of your stay here to experience as much as possible activities

6 exciting winter sports to experience in Austria (Part 1)

When planning what to play in Austria, you will probably think of the “specialty” winter sports here like skiing or skateboarding, right? It is true that there are many beautiful snowy slopes and comfortable ski resorts, but that is not all you can do in Austria. To tell you, there are many other extremely interesting activities to enjoy in this country.

1. Walking in the mountains and in the snow

In the summer, Austria is the ideal place for hiking or mountain walking. This activity is so popular that every summer there are many tourists flocking to the walking paths in this beautiful country.

Some of the best hiking hints can be mentioned such as the Krimmler Ache walking path – the highest waterfall in Austria with a height of 380 meters, or the Grossglockner Alps – the path on the Alpes that leads you to the peak of the mountain most Austria with a spacious and breathtaking vision.

Of course, not all roads in Austria are cleared of snow in the winter, but taking long walks in town and walking around small villages is a very “poetic” winter experience.

2. What to play in Austria – Skiing on the hill

Going to Austria, if you have never tried skiing in your life, it will probably be a mistake that you will regret later. Skiing can be said to be a typical activity when you come to Austria on winter holidays. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about skiing.

The gentle hillsides are not too difficult to make a perfect slide on skis or ski sticks. However, you should note that the weight of the board and sticks is not light at all. It may take a while to get used to it. But in the end, it will still be a happy and memorable experience for the second time in my life.

Interesting sports and activities you can do in London this winter (Part 2)


Be honest, any time of the year when you visit London, you’ll want to visit Oxford to melt some bank cards. But in December, London’s iconic shopping district was completely changed – thanks to thousands of light bulbs hanging overhead and illuminating the street like huge, shiny snowballs.

More delicate and wonderful than the silver fair feathers that lit Bond Street this year and just across the street, the sky above Regent Street shimmered with sequins, gears and gold coils. #ecstatic


If you’re looking for something interesting to do in London, the Southbank Center is always guaranteed to have something going on, so it’s no surprise that the winter festival here is nothing but great.

The bars and restaurants in the open market along the banks of the River Thames, filled with the air with irresistible scents will make you fill your stomach with hot hotdogs, meat pies and fruits Christmas tradition is delicious, and a few cups of wine are heated.

Also, don’t forget to pick some of the last Christmas gifts from the craft stalls in the market, warm yourself up with a campfire in Scandinavian wooden lodges or listen to the Philharmonic orchestra perform the songs Traditional Christmas sing.


Discover London’s largest Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square – with a height of more than 20m, and must use a hydraulic crane to decorate. This huge Norwegian pine tree has appeared every year since 1947.

This was a gift from Oslo: a “thank you” from Norway for British support during World War II. The current pine tree that impresses with the crowd is a symbol of friendship, and that is undoubtedly the largest Christmas tree you will see this season.


Of course, Christmas is not all about winter: New Year is also creeping into every corner, and London is not half-heartedly celebrating the New Year. Pull yourself out of every ongoing festival to see fireworks along the banks of the River Thames at midnight. Even under the London Eyes Wheel, the cannon looked like colored bands erupting from bubbles.

Interesting sports and activities you can do in London this winter (Part 1)

Of all the iconic and hustle-bustling beauty of England, London is an enchanting landmark at all times of the year, but there’s something really special about London in the winter.

The streets were sparkling with lights, the windows of the shops were decorated with sparkles, and everyone wrapped themselves in big wool scarves, wandering down the streets even festive – thanks to the smell of alcohol.

Warming radiated from the pubs on the street corners. If you’re in London at Christmas (before / after a few weeks), it’s time to pack up and let this article be your guide for this winter tour.


Every winter, the southeast corner of Hyde Park transforms into a true celebration of every kind of festival. Put on your sweater and get ready for the dim lights, live bands and speakers that play classic Christmas songs. Also, the beer village that serves warm wine around the bonfires. What’s more, there are play areas that you can try to get rid of all in one day.


Somerset House is a typical British style house. It is tall, wide, and if it’s not exactly in the heart of London, head straight to Downton Abbey.

The pillars of the Somerest House perfectly adorn the grand courtyard from the 18th century. It is now an outdoor ice rink for winter – perfect with the glittering lights and afternoon tea of ​​Fortnum. & Mason. Winter in London couldn’t be more English than that.


If a perfect Instagram festive image is on your Christmas list this year, the skating rink at the Natural History Museum (obviously, skating is never enough for Londoners!) Is a place You must visit.

Smaller and more intimate than Somerset House, the skating rink is delineated by spindly trees surrounded by fairy gold lights, complete with an ornate architectural backdrop and a pine tree. Very big Noel – hello, a modern day fairy tale.

Discover the 5 best ski resorts in the world in 2020 (Part 1)

Skiing is a popular winter sports today. During winter trips in cold countries, try to spend a day to experience the ski area, you will find extremely interesting. The following article, Intertour suggests 5 best ski resorts in the world that if you have the opportunity to visit these countries, you should try once.

Fujiten ski area – Japan

Fujiten ski area is located in the famous Fujiten Snow resort in Japan. Located right on the northern slope of Mount Fuji, you can not only ski but also have the opportunity to see the beautiful mountain covered with white snow. In addition, you will experience the most advanced services that are affordable.

Fujiten is located about 90 minutes from Tokyo. If you’re traveling in a crowded area, you can choose a taxi; If you want to save money, a bus or train is a good option. Before you move, remember to contact the ski area to get a ride.

Elysian ski area – South Korea

If you mention the country of famous ski resorts, it is impossible to ignore Korea. Koreans see winter skiing as an annual activity, so it is not difficult to explain why the ski resorts here are so comprehensively invested.

The most famous in Korea is probably the Elysian ski area. Elysian is hidden in a valley in the city of ChunCheon. In winter, from late November to the end of March, the valley is covered with white snow. If you are not a follower of adventure sports, then coming here to visit and admire is enough to see.

From Seoul, there is a subway line that goes straight to the Elysian ski area. This advantage of transportation is an advantage that makes this place more and more attractive to tourists.

If you want to be simpler and save more time, you can buy the full package of services here. The ski area will take you by bus to your place. Elysian is open for guests from 9am to 4am the next morning. You remember the time really standard so do not have to wait time offline!

What should you prepare when skiing in Korea? (Part 2)

Sport shoes, boots and socks

When traveling, it is important to give you comfort. So minimize wearing high heels, instead give priority to sports shoes, boots to keep warm feet. Choose to wear waterproof shoes because it can rain anytime.

Besides, the socks are items you must bring when traveling in the winter. The main effect is to keep your feet warm. For women, if you want to wear skirts, bring thick socks. The two most common and easy to wear colors are black and foot skin.


For romantic destinations like Korea, you will probably need to bring scarves, gloves, wool hats such as white, beige, brown, gray … These accessories not only help set clothes You look “more”, wearing warmer but also easy to change the appearance while not taking up much space in luggage. You will also have “extreme Korean” photos when wearing these accessories for photography.

Putting a shawl into your luggage will make it easier for you to change your everyday appearance, but it’s also much easier than tucking in different types of coats.

A few notes when skiing in Korea in the winter

If you have chosen a ski resort like that, you need to pay attention to the following issues to ensure safety and health when skiing in Korea.

Always wear warm and keep heat bag. You should prepare thick winter coat, socks, socks, beanie, glasses. You should not wear baggy clothes to move easily on the snow.

If you have never skied before. Do not worry. Ski resorts offer short-term courses for first-time skiers. Just 30 minutes of training according to the instructions of the coaches, make sure you can control the skateboard and go on the runway with moderately steep slopes.

Ski equipment can be prepared or rented at the ski resorts. The ski resorts all provide equipment such as skis, canes, boots, ski clothes. The advice is just to learn what Korean tourism in winter wear to travel and visit, and skiers should rent equipment. It is both wasteful and wasteful, because it is only used a few times, and it can be cumbersome and time consuming.

You should choose ski resorts near Seoul to facilitate travel. You can use the bus, the subway, catch a taxi or hire a taxi to drive yourself to the ski spots during the day. If you want to save time, you can use the shuttle service available at resorts and ski resorts. You just need to sit at the hotel and book service.


Instead of being afraid of the first snow, grab the white stuff and embrace a new hobby or winter sports as follows.

This post will give you all the ideas you need to enjoy the great outdoor space in the real north. Do not forget to bundle!

Winter activities in Canada You can just miss

Winter in Canada is an expression of the harshness of nature. In most parts of the country, people walk through snow for nearly six months of the year, from November to April. Although some people may prefer to hibernate, there are others who don’t want to be prey. for the boredom of cabin fever in the long winter.

The joy and adventurous spirit of the winter enthusiasts has given rise to a variety of outdoor activities that are truly entertaining. Therefore, in order to experience the excitement of the Canadian winter, you need to participate in the following activities.

Caves and canyons

The cold below does not freeze the canyons, caves and crevices in areas of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper in Alberta. Winter turns these resort towns into gates of icy wonderland. Climb the glittering canyon walls and walk through vast icebergs to discover the beauty of seemingly inaccessible places during the summer.

Ice fishing

As temperatures drop, fishing heats up across Canada. Ice fishing demonstrates a unique fishing experience for locals and visitors. Stepping on a frozen lake, drilling a hole in the icy water, inserting a fishing line and waiting to catch a booty fish can be a rewarding experience.

Depending on the area, you can fish salmon, walleye, northern pike, whitefish, black crappie, perch and more! Lake Simcoe (Located 60 miles north of Toronto) is popular for anglers. During the winter months, lakes in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec are also good for ice fishing.

What should you prepare when skiing in Korea? (Part 1)

Skiing is one of the winter sports not to be missed when traveling to Korea in the winter. However, what to keep in mind when skiing in the winter in Korea?

Korean winters are very exciting with exciting activities. Skiing is considered a sport that any Koreans know. From children, to the elderly in this beautiful country are passionate about skiing. They are both for strength training, endurance, endurance. It is also a favorite recreational activity, bringing joyful and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Here are what to wear when skiing in Korea.

Korean winter

Korean winters are extremely cold. But not so that Korea became less attractive to tourists because the Korean winter scene has an extremely charming romantic beauty. The colder the snow, the more it seemed, the more still the scenery and the more people wanted to get closer.

Because of that, there have been many beautiful anecdotes, a lot of movies set in winter to depict the most uplifting emotions in love. This is the attraction of Korean winter. It must be added that, from the influence of Korean films, what young people throughout Asia have learned when traveling to Korea in winter.

Thermal underwear

If you go to Korea in the winter, the preparation of thermal underwear is a lifesaver for you during the trip. And these clothes you can easily roll up, put in the corner of the luggage, put in a backpack or leave the top of the suitcase. Make sure your body is warm and underwear to keep the heat is not to be missed.

Winter coat

The Korean winter climate is quite harsh, so you need to bring a jacket. Depending on how much time you are traveling, consider bringing 1 to 2 coats. The thick Parka coat will help you keep warm throughout the day. In addition, you can bring jackets such as evening wear, bomber or denim jacket, which is both trendy but still warm enough for you in case of warmer weather.

Another option for you is to bring a lightweight feather vest. With the light and warm characteristic of the feather, this shirt is extremely suitable for long trips when you can fold it in just one bag, saving a lot of space and weight.


The best way to ensure that you are warm enough in a temperate winter is sweaters. Of course, with their versatility you can wear it as a second layer, the outer layer being a jacket.

interesting winter sports to enjoy in Canada

When it comes to Canada, everyone thinks of the bone-chilling cold and the white snow. But in fact, the Canadian winter is not so scary. With just enough warm clothing, you can enjoy winter sports or take lots of beautiful pictures in the beautiful white scenery this season.

One of the most compelling reasons for travelers to go out and explore in the winter is the opportunity to challenge outdoor games. This will be a great experience for travelers from the tropics. The climate in Canada is quite diverse, the temperature and rainfall depend on the region and the season.

Winter in most parts of the country the temperature day and night often below 0 degrees C. In some places, the temperature is lower than -25 degrees C. It can be said that most of Canada in winter is snow covered.

Winters in Canada are usually cold and last from late November to April, but the temperature will vary by region. The higher the region and the north, the longer and colder winters. On cold days, the temperature is only -20 degrees Celsius, but the temperature can drop to -30 degrees or -35 degrees Celsius.

Winter sports

As the winter season in Canada begins, usually when students have just passed important exams and are about to enjoy the holiday season and welcome the new year with lots of outdoor recreation and activities such as skiing, ice hockey, skating, etc.

These outdoor activities attract the excitement of participation of numerous tourists and indigenous people. The slopes of the slopes with thick snow and fresh air in Canada is a skiing paradise. In addition, the iconic sport of this North American country is indispensable – hockey also attracts many visitors to see and want to explore Canada’s winter by themselves.

The experience when going out this winter is that you should prepare warm luggage, you should wear a hat to cover your head, wear gloves and boots, wrap a scarf to ensure that you can adapt to the weather here.

In addition, do not forget to visit the longest ice rink in the world – a famous tourist spot in Ottawa in the winter. Especially the surface of the lake is frozen to 30cm, this skating rink is Rideau Canal – a UNESCO world heritage site, surely this will be a great choice for the winter here.

If you are not interested in motor games, try the feeling of difference between the four snowy faces and the magnificent wind blowing, watching the beautiful scenery from the aerial view by cable car.