Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Kirkenes Snow Hotel

The snow hotel in Norway is the world’s newest ice hotel which opened for the first time in December 2006 and closes around mid April. The snow hotel is situated at the Gabba Reindeer Park which is home to reindeers as the name suggests and a husky farm. As the most northern snow hotel in the world it is located far north of the Arctic Circle offering you a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights when they appear. Inside the hotel there is beautiful illuminated artwork that has been crafted out of snow and each snow suite has individual character for you to enjoy. Taking a holiday to the Kirkenes snow hotel is perfect for people who like an adventure and who like their holidays to be different from the norm.

The Kirkenes Snow Hotel passages The snow bar

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Accommodation at the Kirkenes Snow Hotel

When arriving at the hotel you will be given a guided tour of your exquisitely crafted surroundings. After you check in you will be given warm outdoor clothing to use during your stay, this includes thermal overalls, a hat, mittens, winter boots and socks. All this is included in the price of staying at the hotel.

Green snow room The snow hotel has over 20 guestrooms that all come with sleeping bags, mattresses, woollen socks and a woollen overnight hat to ensure you are kept warm during your slumber. The Kirkenes snow hotel uses proper beds topped with reindeer pelts and it is surrounded by ice rather than made from ice to try and make sure guests have a warm, comfortable stay. If you need to use the toilet there are heated toilet facilities and a changing room with towels for overnight use. In the morning guests can enjoy a delightful sauna at the Rica Kirkenes Hotel 1km away from the snow hotel, this journey is made by snowmobile taxi or kick sleigh.

At the Kirkenes snow hotel there is a snow bar where you can enjoy a truly cold drink and a restaurant that is situated in a traditional Sami lavvo. The restaurant is snow free and is heated by a large open fire, as well as using the fire to warm up the surroundings, it is also used to cook traditional arctic meals that are served in the restaurant such as fresh salmon, whitefish and cloudberries.

Things to do in Kirkenes

Husky snow safari There is plenty to do at the Kirkenes snow hotel with much snowy ground to explore. The hotel is located far enough north for it to be possible to see the Northern Lights when they appear. For a chance to see the Northern Lights if they come into view during your stay you can take a husky safari or you can snowmobile over the mountain ridge. As well as taking safaris or snowmobiling under the Northern Lights you can go ice fishing for King Crabs which are exclusive to the Barents Sea. If you like to discover different cultures when you holiday you can visit the Grenselandmuseet (The Border Country Museum) that displays the history of war and peace along the Norwegian-Russian border, a history of mining in Kirkenes and Sami art exhibitions. If you are interested in an excursion into Russia it can be arranged whilst you are in Kirkenes, however please note that a visa would have to be obtained beforehand.

Children at the Snow Hotel

cold room

When staying at the kirkenes snow hotel each child is assessed to see whether they can withstand the constant -4 to -6 degrees Celsius temperature. If your child is not physically able to spend all night in the snow suites there is a room in the lavvo next door with some beds where your child can sleep. The hotel staff stay overnight in the restaurant to ensure everyone’s safety and they also look after the children; however parents are responsible for the comfort and welfare of their own children.

Staying at the Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Northern lights over Norway Visiting the snowy wilderness is an exciting experience in itself with a trip to the Kirkenes snow hotel adding another extraordinary element and making it a holiday you will remember for years to come. Our travel advisors are always happy to help customers find the perfect holiday and will try and help them customise the itinerary to suit. Request a call back from us today if you would like more information about staying at the Kirkenes snow hotel.

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