Ice Hotel Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden

The world famous Ice Hotel is a magnificent feat of architecture which is rebuilt every year entirely out of ice and snow. Inside the hotel is a breathtaking ice church, Pillar Hall, art suites with unique ice art and an ABSOLUTE ice bar. The hotel spans over 6000m² and has around 80 bedrooms, which are built entirely of ice and snow. Located on the outskirts of Jukkasjärvi in Lapland, the hotel is surrounded by pristine snow-covered landscape which can be explored during a wide range of excursions such as dog sledding. Each hotel is built in a new design, so like a snowflake no two Ice Hotels are the same.

Arctic Sunset Entrance to the Ice Hotel Sweden

Staying at the Ice Hotel in Sweden

Guests at the Ice Hotel can spend one night in cold accommodation in an ice room or for an arctic suite which features ice art (upgrades to an arctic suite is an additional cost). Everything in the spectacular rooms is made out of ice and snow, including the beds. Guests however are kept warm in a snug sleeping bag, and reindeer skins over the ice blocks also help insulate sleepers. In the morning following a night in cold accommodation guests are woken with a mug of steaming loganberry juice and can warm up in a spa after breakfast.

Icy pasttimes include ...

For the rest of their stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden guests have the choice of three different kinds of warm accommodation. Kaamos rooms in the hotel are designed in a contemporary Scandinavian style with an en suite, a double bed which can be converted to twins and modern amenities (TV, telephone and kettle). The Ice Hotel also has a variety of Nordic Chalets which have two separate bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room with a refrigerator, kettle, TV and phone. For an extra special stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden we suggest the Northern Lights Chalet, which has a special design which features skylights in the ceiling so that guests can see the Northern Lights from the comfort of their bed. The Northern Lights Chalet also has a living room and bathroom and modern amenities.

The hotel’s traditional restaurant is warm and offers a variety of fresh seasonal cuisine. For that extra special touch some dishes are served on ice plates. There is also The Old Homestead restaurant nearby by which is a cosy log cabin setting where you can enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.

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Snowmobiling is just one activity available

There are a wide range of activities available at the Ice Hotel in Sweden. Guests can explore the pristine wilderness of Lapland on a husky safari, reindeer sleigh ride, snow shoe trekking, skiing or by snowmobiling. During several of the safaris lunch and coffee is served around an open campfire in the wilderness, which is a truly unforgettable experience. Other activities available include ice sculpting and ice driving. The Ice Hotel in Sweden also has a wilderness camp where you spend the night in a tent.

In the evenings of your stay you may see the Northern Lights which are also known as the Aurora Borealis. The mesmerising natural phenomena which illuminate the sky in curtains of green, blue, yellow and pink are often classed as one of the Severn Natural Wonders of the World. After an action-packed day you can relax in the warmth of the hotel’s outdoor spa, keeping your eyes peeled for the Northern Lights.

What to Wear

Suitable outerwear is provided

When dressing for the arctic conditions of the Ice Hotel in Sweden it is important to wear several layers of clothing, so that insulating air spaces form between the layers. Lots of warm socks, gloves, a scarf, and hat are also important.

Weddings at the Ice Hotel in Sweden

The magnificent Ice Church is the perfect location for a fairytale winter wedding with a twist. The entire church is made out of ice, resulting in an awe-inspiring sight. Couples exchange vows under the glistening intricately carved ceiling, in front of an altar made out of ice. Every aspect of your wedding can be catered for by our experienced advisors, who will also make all the arrangements for the rest of your wedding party. The length of your honeymoon and the excursions included can be personalised Find out more about weddings at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

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