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Ice Hotel in Norway

Alta Igloo Hotel Entrance If you are looking for a unique holiday the ice hotel in Norway is the perfect destination. Rebuilt every year since 2000, the ice hotel covers over 2000 square feet of snowy ground and its doors are opened to guests every January before it melts away in spring. The ice hotel is situated by the banks of the Alta River on the edge of the Arctic Circle and its interior and exterior are made entirely out of ice and snow. Inside the ice hotel majestic sculptures of Norwegian wildlife and all the furnishings are carved from ice, with ice chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and ice chairs sitting on the ground. When you arrive at the ice hotel in Norway you will be given a guided tour that shows you everything in the hotel and gives you all the information you will need for your stay.


Colourful Ice Hotel in NorwayThere are 30 bedrooms and 2 suites in the hotel where guests can sleep. The hotel is kept at a constant temperature of around -4 to -7 degrees centigrade but you will be kept warm during the night with a sleeping bag that can keep people warm up to extreme temperatures of -30 degrees centigrade. You will sleep on bed made from a genuine reindeer hide.

Next to the hotel there is a tepee like cabin that houses a restaurant, toilets, wardrobes, a luggage room, showers, a sauna, the hotels reception, a souvenir shop, two outdoor hot tubs and a meeting place. All the facilities in the service centre are heated to ensure the guests comfort.

Alta ice barShould you fancy a strong drink, there is a bar in the ice hotel that is made entirely out of ice. The bar serves only one drink, bright blue vodka in a glass that is also made out of ice - a splash of colour in a white winter wonderland.

While you stay at the ice hotel in Norway you may be lucky enough to witness the magnificent sight of the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis. If the Northern Lights appear you can enjoy them from the comfort of the outdoor hot tubs, adding another unforgettable element to your holiday in Norway.

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Ice Hotel Wedding Ceremonies

The ice hotel in Norway also houses its own chapel, also made entirely out of ice. If you are looking for a unique wedding setting, the ice hotel performs wedding ceremonies from the end of January through to the end of March. Having your wedding at the ice chapel ensures an even more memorable, intimate day with your beloved. After the ceremony you can celebrate and have your wedding party at the neighbouring restaurant. In the evening you can spend your wedding night together in the hotel’s beautiful bridal suite.

Things to do in Alta

The ice hotel is situated 15 kilometres outside the town of Alta and approximately 250 kilometres from North Cape. At the ice hotel you can take a snowmobile safari that takes you to see the Norwegian fjords and the pristine ice waters. There are many sights to see in Alta including the historical sight of the Rock Drawings of Alta that date back to 4200 BC.

Alta’s Ice Hotel

Northern Lights over Norway Staying at the ice hotel in Norway is an unforgettable unique experience. At the worlds northernmost ice hotel there is a possibility of spotting the remarkable Northern Lights which is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The county of Finnmark where the ice hotel is situated is also home to the Sami people, giving you ample opportunity to immerse yourself in Sami culture if you so wish. The restaurant at the ice hotel serves seasonal food, only using ingredients that are naturally available at that time of the year, ensuring fresh and delicious meals every time. If you are interested in our holidays to the ice hotel in Norway you can request a call back from one of our experienced travel team who will be happy to work with you to create the perfect itinerary for your trip to Norway. As the ice hotel in Norway is rebuilt every year, your trip is set to be even more unique as each new ice hotel is never the same as the last.

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