Ice Hotel Lapland

Ice Hotel Lapland

The Ice hotel in Lapland is situated in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi which is 200km inside the Arctic Circle. The ice hotel was first built as an igloo in 1990 to provide a location for Jannot Dent, a French artist, to stage an art exhibition. After the exhibition some foreign visitors armed with reindeer pelts decided to stay the night in the igloo and the concept of the ice hotel was born. The hotel is constructed every year by carving ice blocks taken from the Torne River which resides close to the ice hotel and it opens to the first guests around the 10th of December. Staying at the ice hotel is a truly magical experience with beautifully carved suites and amazing architecture prevalent throughout.

Accommodation at Lapland’s Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel When staying at the ice hotel you have a choice of cold and warm accommodation. The people who run the Ice Hotel in Lapland recommend that guests mix one night in the cold accommodation with a few nights in the warm rooms to ensure an exciting but comfortable stay.

The cold accommodation consists of staying inside the ice hotel in a choice of three types of rooms. The three different rooms are the art suites, the ice rooms and the snow rooms; each room has a bed made from snow and ice topped with a reindeer pelt. In the mornings you are awakened with a cup of hot Lingonberry juice, there is also a breakfast buffet, a sauna and towels included with the price of a stay in the ice and snow rooms.

There are also three different types of warm accommodation at the Ice Hotel in Lapland; The Kaamos hotel room, the Nordic hotel chalet and the Northern Lights hotel chalet. Each room has a double or a twin room, the Nordic chalet and the Northern Lights chalet also have an additional single room. The Northern Lights rooms are perfect for those who are keen to see the Aurora Borealis as they feature sky lights in the bedrooms so you can watch nature’s light show from the comfort and warmth of your bed.

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Things to do in Lapland

Adventures at the Ice Hotel in Lapland Lapland has a wealth of things for you to do, both onsite at the ice hotel and in the surrounding areas. At the hotel you can engage in ice sculpting, guided tours of the hotel, guided skiing or snow shoe tours or you can have a vodka cocktail in the spectacular ABSOLUT ice bar, the choice us up to you. In the surrounding areas of the Ice Hotel in Lapland you can go on snowmobile, dogsled and moose safaris that take you on a tour of the snowy wilderness.

Special Occasions at the Hotel An ice chapel is built at the Ice Hotel in Lapland so that guests can celebrate important and special occasions in their lives at the ice hotel to make their day even more unforgettable. Weddings, marriage blessings and baptisms can be performed in the ice chapel and the intricate architecture and glowing white snow will certainly be a striking back drop for photographs. If you are interested in uniting in marriage at the ice hotel please make an enquiry quite a while in advance as marriage licences have to be obtained before the ceremony can take place Staying at the Ice Hotel If you are looking for a unique experience then look no further than the Ice Hotel. Lapland has much to offer holiday makers and is a great winter holiday destination with much beauty to be seen and lots to do. Artists, architects, designers and snow builders come from all over the world to start crafting the ice hotel in mid November. The doors open to the first guests around December 10th and new sections open every week after until the hotel is fully opened around December 30th. When visiting Lapland in the winter it is important to keep warm by having suitable clothing, plenty of warm clothes should be taken with you and the hotel will provide warming overalls, shoes or boots, hat and mittens as part of your stay. The hotel in Lapland is far enough north to see the Northern Lights when they appear which would be an excellent treat for any holiday maker. To find out more information about holidays to the Ice Hotel in Lapland do not hesitate to contact us. Ice Hotel in Lapland Submit a request Prices


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