Northern Lights in Finland

Ice Hotel Finland

Visiting a snow hotel in Finland is a truly unique experience, not only is there a hotel carved out of snow and ice, there is a beautiful surrounding area known as the snow village. Located in Finnish Lapland, the snow village will capture your imagination like nothing you have ever seen before. The magical ice sculptures and atmospheric lighting that occupy the interior ensure that your stay at the Ice Hotel in Finland will be an unforgettable experience. Opening in December and closing sometime in April, building the hotel takes over 20,000 square meters of land and sits 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. The snow village truly is a winter wonderland with brilliantly white snow crunching under foot as well as reindeer and husky safaris.

Accommodation at the Ice Hotel in Finland

Accomodation The snow hotel changes with every new build as the architectural design and the interior decoration vary from year to year. There is a selection of double rooms and suites in the ice hotel which are decorated with elaborate carvings and colourful light. When spending the night in one of the rooms you will use high quality thermal sleeping bags that are capable of insulation in extreme temperatures. If you do find yourself uncomfortable in the cold there are also heated facilities available with a place for guests to go if they are too cold in the night.

Next to the Ice Hotel in Finland there is a heated building with a TV lounge and a fireplace for guests to warm up and mingle with each other. Next door there is also tea and coffee making facilities, washroom facilities and a sauna. In the snow village there are two restaurants and two coffee shops.

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Things to do at the Ice Hotel

The Igloo Ice Hotel in Finland The snow hotel is surrounded by woodland with 300 kilometres of snowmobile tracks that allow guests to explore the area. To discover the surrounding area you can take snowmobile safaris, husky safaris and reindeer safaris all available at an extra cost. If you take a safari the equipment, fuel, maintenance and guiding is all included in the price. As the Ice Hotel is surrounded by wooded areas, beautiful ice sculptures that are colourfully lit up are dotted amongst the trees. Also surrounding the hotel there is an ice maze, snow slides, an art gallery filled with delightful ice and snow sculptures for adults and children to enjoy. The Ice Hotel in Finland is built at a picturesque location with blankets of white snow covering the area for miles with lots of beautiful scenery and elaborate artistic touches for you to explore.

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Snowmobiling in Finland Visiting a snow hotel is a unique experience and staying the night in one makes it even more special. Finland’s Ice Hotel is far enough north for it to be possible to see the Northern Lights, a spectacular showing of light in the sky that is mostly seen between October and March. After a night’s sleep in the hotel hot berry juice is served to warm up the guests. The two restaurants at the ice hotel consist of the ice bar that serves great food in even greater surroundings and the log restaurant that serves up Lappish delicacies in a traditional setting, the log restaurant is where breakfast is served in the morning. If you are looking for something different and are interested in our ice hotel holidays you can request a call back from one of our travel experts to begin planning your holiday to the Ice Hotel in Finland.

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